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  • Helium Quick Diagnostics

    A tool on iOS and Google Play to grab data from your Helium Hotspot and display in an informative way. Every hour of uptime matters to earn with your Helium Hotspot and you need to be decisive.

The 7 Values
  • Honesty and Integrity

    Deliver results with trust and responsibility. Put your credibility on the line.

  • Show Decency

    Treat others as you would want to be treated.

  • Be Curious and Think Big

    Ask questions and explore immense possibilities. Reframe the problem and inspire.

  • Develop Talent and Contribute

    Hire and develop curious people. Discrimination is bad for business and society. Contribute outside our boundaries to help others.

  • Simplify Complexity

    Bundle up interactions, but have an option for the power users.

  • Self-Moderate

    Do more with less than the competition. Ask "Why and do we need this?" Take opportunities to rest.

  • Have fun and break things

    Just not excessively. We are not bureaucrats, but we are also not irresponsible people. Accept failure.

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