Privacy Policy - Limited Data Collection

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This page serves to inform you that Excerion Sun does not do first party data collection on the application that references this document. Sorry, we just don't want your data.

You are informed that third parties will collect data, but data is non-personalized. We strictly only use third parties that use restricted data collection and secure transmission of data. The data collected and transmitted is not linked to you.

You might wonder what kinds of data may be collected by third parties. Typically, diagnostics, coarse location (ip address), advertising ids and/or app interactions. This data is used for data analysis activities, but not limited to, such as audience analysis, determination and segmentation.

If you have questions, you can contact help[] Make sure to use the in app email button or contact info if available.

List of third parties that could collect and transmit your data

Every third party is subject to their own privacy policy which are listed by platform and linked.

  1. If on iPhone: Apple, Google Admob
  2. If on Android: Google Play, Google Admob
  3. If on Desktop: None
  4. If on Web: Google Analytics

Google Play and Apple will collect and/or transmit data when you make a purchase or particpate on the leaderboard and/or achievements.

Google Admob may collect device information and interactions in order to facilitate ad function and rewards.

Google Analytics may collect device information and interactions to provide audience insights and other data analysis.